Homegrown Leadership

What does it take to be a Homegrown Leader?  

It takes being part of the community for all of one’s life
It takes understanding the history of Coral Gables
It takes a commitment to helping our residents and our community
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Meet Kirk Menendez

I am a lifelong resident of Coral Gables since 1962 and a graduate of Coral Gables Sr. High School, Class of 1980. I coached at the Coral Gables Youth Center for over 25 years and I have served on the Board of Directors of the Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center Association since 1992. My nearly 40 years of unwavering service to our community is a direct result of the support my mother and I received from the Youth Center family and our Coral Gables community when my father passed away suddenly in 1973.

Through my decades of volunteer service at the Youth Center, Church of the Little Flower, St. Theresa Catholic School and the Knights of Columbus, I have been able to give back to the community that was there for me when I needed community most.

On a professional level, I have extensive experience in Intergovernmental Affairs advocating before local, state and federal government to bring legislative and financial relief to South Florida. I also have significant experience drafting resolutions and ordinances at the local government level as well as serving as a liaison between members of the community, elected officials and government administrations. I bring a clear understanding of how government works, and at times, how government, unfortunately, fails to serve the best interests of the people.

As Commissioner, I will brush politics aside and focus on serving our community as a humble public servant. As Commissioner, our kids will have ample parks to play in, our seniors will never be alone, our residents will have a “seat at the table”, our septic tanks will stop contaminating our aquifers, our residents will not be priced out of City services and our Coral Gables community will overcome the “progress” all around us.

“Before you can lead, you have to learn how serve.”

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